Why Charlottesville is a Great Town for Young Professionals

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With a population of nearly 50,000, Charlottesville is a bustling community with a rich culture and history. Surrounded by several rural counties, many people flock to the city for both work and entertainment. There’s an abundance of young professionals in Charlottesville as there are more employment opportunities in the city. Although the town is still relatively small in comparison to larger cities, there’s no place quite like it. Arden Place, the premier luxury apartment community in Charlottesville, is the perfect spot for young professionals to live. Conveniently located, Arden Place is close to many shops, restaurants, and the mall.  Here are a few things that make Charlottesville a great city for young professionals.

Downtown Mall

One of the main attractions for young professionals in Charlottesville is the historic Downtown Mall. Riddled with local shops and fine dining, the Downtown Mall is the perfect weekend hang-out spot. From the farmer’s market early Saturday mornings to Fridays After Five during the summer, there’s always something happening. Not only are there some fantastic restaurants, they have a great selection of bars as well. After a busy work week, a stroll down the brick-lined mall is just what the doctor ordered.

University of Virginia

Charlottesville is the proud home of Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia. If you’re a young professional looking to pursue your Master’s or even Doctorate degree, then you are within close proximity to one of the best universities in the world. Along with the school, there’s the University of Virginia Health System, which draws in professionals in the medical field. Whether you are an aspiring med student or teacher, the University of Virginia offers many opportunities to further your education.

Vineyards & Breweries

Around here, Charlottesville is called the Napa of the East Coast, so people travel to Charlottesville from all around just to visit the beautiful vineyards and breweries in the area. What’s better than getting together with a group of friends to go vineyard hopping on the weekend? Get away from the city for a while and enjoy the stunning mountainous landscape of Charlottesville while tasting locally crafted wine and beer.

Those are just a few things for young professionals in Charlottesville to enjoy. The city is constantly growing. With the addition of 5th Street Station and the growth of the Shops at Stonefield, the town is continuously developing. As a diverse town with a significant history, it’s truly a place where young professionals can thrive.

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