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June 25th is National Work From Home Day! In the past few months, your work situation may have gone from sitting in an office to sitting at your kitchen table. The transition from working in an office to working at home can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools to make you successful. If your job has switched to working from home, check out these helpful work from home tools to make your life and your job easier.

Remote Desktops

If your team needs access information from specific computers that may still be in the office, remote desktops are a simple solution. With a remote desktop, you can access a computer just as if you’re sitting right in front of it. Basically, you need a remote desktop set up on your personal computer, and of course the computer you would like to access. This way, you can act as if you’re sitting right in front of your work computer, from the comfort of your own home. Microsoft, Apple, and Google Chrome all offer different versions of remote desktops.

Project Management Software

How can you stay on top of your team’s tasks, when you can’t actually walk down the hall to speak with them? Project management software can help everyone to keep track of projects and specific tasks that need to be done. Don’t let anything fall through the cracks! With project management software such as Asana, you can assign tasks to people at specific due dates, organize tasks by projects, and much more. Don’t let working from home hold your company back from success.

Instant Messaging

The key to success in businesses is communication. Without being just feet from your coworkers, it’s not as easy to get up and ask them a question when you need help. Instant messaging for your company can connect you with your coworkers quickly. Some apps that can help you stay in contact with your coworkers are Slack, HipChat, or Google Hangouts Chat. Discover what works best for your company!

Screen Sharing or Screen Recording Apps

Sometimes, an instant message or a phone call won’t suffice. An easy way to show coworkers what you’re talking about is through screen sharing or screen recording! With screen sharing, you could actually be on the phone with them as you guide them through your computer screen. For screen recordings, you are basically taking a video of your screen and can record yourself talking over it. Apps like Zoom allow you to share your screen with coworkers while on a call with them. Additionally, the instant messaging app, Slack, also has built-in screen-sharing software. Some helpful screen recording tools are Loom, Camtasia, and Screencastify.

Successfully working from home means having the tools that can help you to do so with ease. While many companies aren’t used to this drastic transition, these tools can make your team members and information easily accessible, so that you can make the best of working from home.

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