Ways to Support Local Businesses During COVID-19

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Within the past couple of months, to no one’s surprise, life has not been the same. We can’t go to the mall, we can’t dine at our favorite restaurants, and some people can’t even see their own family members. Because of this, small, local businesses do not have as many customers entering through their doors and therefore, could be experiencing financial difficulties. Although we can’t go to our favorite restaurant for a sit-down dinner, we can still support them! Learn how you can support local businesses during COVID-19.

Get Takeout

Although we are unable to go sit at the bar of our favorite local spot, many restaurants are doing takeout and delivery. If you can afford it, try to get takeout a few times a week! Whether it’s an appetizer from a restaurant down the street or a latte from your favorite coffee shop, you will be making a difference. Not only will you be treating yourself to a delicious meal or treat, but you will also support a local restaurant in doing so. Some Charlottesville restaurants that are doing takeout or delivery include MarieBette Bakery, Al Carbon, Lampo Neapolitan Pizzeria, Bizou, and that’s just to name a few! Check out our blog HERE to discover how you can support black-owned restaurants in Charlottesville.

Purchase Gift Cards

If you aren’t in the mood for takeout, but still want to help your favorite restaurant or coffee shops, buy a gift card! Seemingly small but immensely helpful, gift cards give them the money now, but allow you to spend it later. Keep the gift card for yourself, or give it as a gift to a friend or family member! Who knows, maybe you will brighten both your friend’s day, as well as a small business owner’s. Local restaurants that offer gift cards include The Bluegrass Grill & Bakery, Champion Brewing Company, Red Pump Kitchen, Brazos Tacos, and much more. If you didn’t see your favorite restaurant in this list, check on their website to see if they offer gift cards!

Give them a Social Media Shoutout

A seemingly simple task, giving your favorite local shop, restaurant, or boutique is an easy way to show support. Not only does it give them a positive reputation, but it could potentially bring more customers their way! If you pick up a tasty meal, have a delicious cup of coffee to go, or purchase something cute from a local boutique, share it on social media and tag them!

Leave Them a Positive Review

Another simple way you can support local businesses is by leaving them positive reviews on Facebook, Yelp, or Google if you enjoy them. This will help them to gain more business if they have a higher number of positive reviews. Make it a goal to leave a few positive reviews a week for your favorite local spots. It will only take a few minutes of your time, and will benefit small business owners!

Shop Online

Do you miss shopping? It isn’t completely out of the picture! Many local boutiques offer online shopping and delivery. In fact, places may be doing special deals such as free delivery. Treat yourself to a new piece of clothing, or perhaps buy a gift for a friend. Some local boutiques and shops you can support include BitterSweet, Finch, Gearharts Fine Chocolates, and many more.

Given the recent happenings, it is now more important than ever to show our support to the local Charlottesville community. Small businesses need our help to weather through the storm that is COVID-19. How will you support local businesses? Learn why it’s important to support local businesses in our blog HERE.

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