Ways to Entertain Your Dog When It’s Cold Outside

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Ways to entertain your dog when it's cold outside

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With night temperatures dropping into the single digits at times this winter, we must rethink the way we provide entertainment for our furry friends. Some dogs are happy to lounge around inside all day, but others require a great deal of stimulation. For those curious, high-energy pups, here are some ways to keep their mind active even when the weather restricts their time outdoors.

Play indoors with a neighbor pup

Arden Place is home to many furry residents, so find a dog that your dog enjoys spending time with and set up an indoor doggie play date. Simply interacting with other dogs provides mental stimulation that helps tire your dog out.

Work on training

Extra time with your dog inside presents a perfect opportunity to work on his or her training. Start with the basics of sit, lay down, wait, and stay. Once your pup has mastered these behaviors, he or she can graduate to accessory tricks like shake, salute, spin, and play dead.

Interactive toys

Check out Chewy’s interactive toys for your furry family member. These toys require your dog’s mental engagement to solve a puzzle in order to receive a reward. Most involve treats, which is all the motivation many dogs need to keep at a task until it is accomplished.

Fenced dog park

Arden Place’s fenced dog park is still a great option for exercising your dog in the winter months, just for shorter periods of time. No one knows your dog as well as you do, so keep a close eye on your furry family member to see if they show any signs of discomfort. Each dog has a different tolerance for the cold, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for the amount of time your pup can spend outdoors at a time.

Tiring dogs out with limited outdoor time remains a challenge for dog owners. With these ways to entertain your dog when it’s cold outside, you can still mentally exercise your pup.

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