Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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Given the recent happenings, this Mother’s Day is going to be a little bit different this year. Maybe you are lucky enough to be able to see your mother during these times. Or, maybe you will have to celebrate from afar in order to follow social distancing guidelines. No matter what your situation is, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day, even in these difficult times!

Organize a Virtual Party

Gather your siblings, aunts and uncles, father, and of course, your mother and have a virtual Mother’s Day party! Luckily, we live in a world that allows us to connect with our friends and family with just a click. Using Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype, you can see all of your family members virtually and celebrate together!

Make a Mother’s Day Video

Another unique and thoughtful way you can celebrate Mother’s Day is to create a video and send it to your Mother. You can use old clips from your childhood, or clips of your children if you have any. Another idea is to have all of your family members send you videos, saying a few nice things about your mother. Compile all the videos together and send it to her. This is an incredibly caring gesture, as it will take time to make and a lot of thought behind it. Additionally, your mother can hold on to the video for the years to come.

Whip Up a Mother’s Day Brunch

It seems that typically on Mother’s Day, we brunch. Maybe that’s because brunch is a delicious meal, and our mothers deserve the best! If you are able to be with your mom on Mother’s Day, you and your family could make her a delectable brunch to wake up to. From waffles and pancakes to omelettes or scrambled eggs and bacon, there is plenty to choose from. Be sure to make your mom’s favorite on her special day!

Get Take Out From Her Favorite Restaurant

Some restaurants are still doing takeout, so why not get your mom a special dinner from her favorite local spot? Not only will you be supporting local businesses, but you will also give your mom a tasty meal. Even if you aren’t with your mom on Mother’s Day, you can still call the restaurant and get it delivered! Keep in mind, when doing takeout it’s important to still be cautious about germs on the containers. Re-plate the food on your own dishes and discard the container before enjoying your meal.

Although the ways we celebrate Mother’s Day this year are a bit different than normal, it’s important to make the most of the situation. After all our mothers do for us, it’s time we do the same for them! Whether you get a meal from her favorite restaurant or simply give her a call to tell her you love her, it’s the little things that make these times happier!

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