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Charlottesville is known as a beautiful town filled with history. With roots dating back to the 1900’s, the historic Charlottesville Downtown Mall is one of the city’s most popular places to visit. If you’re a resident at the luxury apartment community Arden Place and haven’t visited the Downtown Mall yet, what are you waiting for? While most cities have downtown areas, the Charlottesville Downtown Mall is unique. According to The Daily Progress, the local newspaper, it is one of the longest pedestrian malls in the entire country. From local restaurants and bars to the Paramount Theater, the mall is bursting with culture and entertainment.

The Paramount Theater

Located near the middle of the Downtown Mall is the Paramount Theater, which first opened in 1931. Although the theater closed down from 1974-2004, the theater underwent an extensive renovation and remains a popular place for events, shows, films, and plays to this day. Their mission, as listed on the theater’s website, is to educate, enchant, enrich, and enlighten the residents of Charlottesville and the surrounding communities.

Local Restaurants & Boutiques

One of the best parts about the Charlottesville Downtown Mall is the local restaurants and boutiques that you’ll find as you casually stroll down the brick-lined street. From authentic French cuisine to some of the best burgers in town, there’s something to satisfy every taste bud. Make sure you try some local beer or wine while you dine! Shop locally to help boost the economy and support small businesses. From street vendors to food carts to mom-and-pop shops, you’ll find everything you need!

Escape Room

One of the newest additions to the Charlottesville Downtown Mall is the Cville Escape Room. Grab a group of friends so you can try this twist on a popular puzzle game! For an hour, you are locked in a room and have to figure out a way to escape. There are clues and hidden messages dispersed throughout the room. Put your brains together because it may be tricky!

Sprint Pavilion

The Sprint Pavilion is an outdoor amphitheater with room to seat 3,500 people in addition to lawn seating. Not only do they host the free summer concert series, Fridays After Five, they organize concerts from major musicians as well as local artists. Besides serving as a music venue, the Pavilion is also used for other events. This year, the arena was used by the Taste of Monticello Wine Trail Festival and featured 26 local vineyards. Located at the far end of the mall, the Pavilion is a great place to go see a concert or attend an event!

If you haven’t made it out to the Charlottesville Downtown Mall yet, be sure to check it out. From adorable boutiques to delicious local cuisine, the historic mall has something for everyone to enjoy. Parking can sometimes be a hassle, so be sure to check out the Water Street and Market Street garages if you can’t find street parking. Some stores and restaurants will even validate parking, so don’t forget to ask. Have fun exploring one of the city’s most popular areas!

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