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While exercising is incredibly beneficial, getting in the swing of it can be difficult! But keep in mind, getting yourself to the gym is the first step in itself. Then, once you’re there, the plethora of machinery and weights can be overwhelming. So, where do you even begin? If this sounds all too familiar, perhaps you should consider a boutique gym. Sometimes, a little extra support and guidance is just what you need! Luckily, boutique gyms can provide the niche exercise and guidance required to get a good workout in. In fact, there are many boutique gyms in Charlottesville!

Zoom Charlottesville

Zoom Charlottesville offers a variety of workouts, including indoor cycle and their Sculpt and Train classes. Their indoor cycle studio features a concert-quality sound system for a unique, motivational environment for your workout. Offering cycle classes for 30, 45, and 60 minutes, you can choose a class length that supports your current fitness level and work to build your endurance! If you’re looking for more of a strength-training focus, their Sculpt 45 classes target the full body with light dumbbells, resistance bands, and more. Move and pulse to the beat of the music to engage the upper body, lower body, and core! Lastly, they offer a program called Zoom Performance Training, in which coaches provide classes with high energy and varied intensity for a comprehensive workout.

SPENGA Charlottesville

SPENGA Charlottesville offers a unique workout experience, combining spin, yoga, and strength training! During the workout, you engage in 20 minutes of each exercise for an incredible 60-minute group workout. SPENGA offers a unique, comprehensive workout with impressive results with a focus on cardio, strength, and flexibility. Not to mention, having three exercises packed into one will make the class go quicker than you’d expect! So, when it comes to exercising, if you like a little bit of everything, perhaps SPENGA will be your new favorite workout.


If you enjoy running, or even if you want to improve your running, Formula is the place for you! With top-of-the-line equipment and highly trained coaches, Formula provides classes and individualized training techniques. With four classes, Equilibrium, Focus, Flex, and Flow, there is plenty to choose from. Equilibrium is a 60-minute class, alternating between 15 minutes of running and 15 minutes of strength training. For a cardio-focused class, Focus is 45 minutes of smooth tempo and interval running. Not in the mood for running? Their Flex class is all functional strength and flexibility. Lastly, their Flow class consists of 20 minutes of mindful running. No matter what kind of exercise you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it at Formula!


Orangetheory offers a unique workout experience via heart rate-based HIIT workouts. When working out, members wear their OTBeat technology to keep track of their heart rate while working out and provides you with data from each of your workouts. From rowing and running on the treadmill to strength training, your coach will guide you through different heart rate ranges during the workout. The ultimate goal is to stay within “The Orange Zone” for twelve minutes to improve metabolism and burn fat and calories. This unique workout will both challenge and motivate you.

ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center

ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center has a little bit of everything. Full of state-of-the-art equipment, you can get your own workouts in on your own time. In addition to their equipment, ACAC also offers personal training to help you achieve your fitness goals. If you desire more of a group setting when it comes to working out, ACAC offers group exercise in a variety of classes! Perhaps you’ll choose to work your entire body using light to moderate weights with high reps in BodyPump. Or, hop on the bike and try one of their cycle classes like Power Ride or Studio RIDE. Additionally, they offer yoga and barre classes! At ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center, you will receive the personalized attention you need to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, whether that be via personal training, group exercise, or on your own!

From cycle and yoga to strength training and running, there are plenty of boutique gyms in Charlottesville that provide incredible workout experiences tailored to your needs. If you need more guidance while working out, a boutique gym is a great way to break down that wall and find a workout that you truly enjoy with the motivation and support you need.

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