How to Transition Your Summer Clothes into Fall

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boots in the fall surrounded by leaves

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In a perfect world, we could all get a new wardrobe each time the season changes. However, that would all add up pretty quickly! Purchasing a whole new wardrobe when the first leaf hits the ground in the fall might be out of the question. However, who’s to say you can’t wear your summer outfits in the cool weather? Here’s how to transition your summer clothes into fall with a few simple steps.

Just Add a Scarf!

Don’t be afraid to add a scarf to your summer tops and blouses. Scarves add a little spice to what could be a plain outfit. A scarf will keep you warm and complement the season, while allowing you to get additional use out of your summer apparel!

Try Tights

Not ready to stop wearing those summer dresses? You don’t have to! Just add tights to your outfit to add warmth, while creating more of a fall look.

Layers are Your New Best Friend

A simple way to stay both warm AND cool in the fall is layering. Mornings can be chilly, but once the sun comes out you could be warm by the afternoon. Avoid the temperature and outfit confusion by layering tops, whether it’s with a cardigan, denim jacket, tunic, or other warm apparel.

Change Up the Colors

Whether you’re wanting to wear a summer dress, top, or skirt, pair it with the deeper fall colors. By doing so, you can keep your pastel summer colors, but with a deeper fall color in the mix, it’s basically a fall outfit! Fall colors include burnt orange, mustard yellow, maroon, olive green, and deep mocha. Consider finding the fall colors in statement pieces like a jacket, necklace, or scarf.

Buy Yourself Some Boots

Boots are the perfect footwear for fall. Whether they’re riding boots, booties, or combat boots, they’ll transform any outfit into a cozy, cute fall one. Don’t let your feet get cold in those open-toed shoes —buy yourself some boots!

We all love fall, but don’t feel like you need to splurge a ton to change your style with the season. With these tips on how to transition your summer clothes into fall, you’ll be fashion-forward in no time — all while saving money!

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