Stuff the Stockings With These Small But Value-Packed Gifts

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With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to hit the ground running on gift shopping! Keep in mind, the best gifts don’t always come in big packages. We can’t forget about the stockings! Switch it up from socks, gift cards, and the other typical small gifts we often find in stockings. This year, check out some of these awesome stocking stuffers.

AirPods or an AirPod Case Cover

Whether someone in your family is a music lover or a gym-goer, AirPods will certainly come in handy. Available in multiple different models, these tiny but powerful headphones make for the perfect stocking stuffer. If they already have AirPods, consider getting them an AirPod case cover! AirPod case covers can be found on websites like Amazon or in-store and online at places like Target in various colors and patterns.

Portable Phone Charger

If you know someone who’s always on the go, they likely understand the stress of a low phone battery when they’re out and about. Eliminate the worry with a portable phone charger! This Miady portable charger from Amazon is compatible with a variety of different phone models and has two ports to charge two devices at once. Not to mention, it is small and slim, making it travel-friendly! So rest assured knowing that your loved one’s phone will never die when they can charge it on the go.

Car Phone Mount

Trying to follow your phone’s navigation while driving can be stressful and downright dangerous. Keep it safe and simple with a car phone mount! A variety of models can be found on Amazon that are compatible with different kinds of phones. Simply set up the car mount in your vehicle and place your phone inside! While it seems simple, this gift is incredibly handy.


For a fun, unique gift for kids, get a Tamagotchi! These tiny toys may be small, but they are full of fun. With the Tamagotchi Pix, kids can raise a virtual pet! Cook meals for your virtual pet, play games, and connect with Tamagotchi friends. Additionally, this model has a camera so you can even take pictures! Kids will love the fun that this toy creates.

Card Games

No matter how old you are, card games will always be fun. From a traditional set of cards to games like Uno, Phase 10, and more, card games make for the perfect stocking stuffer! Card games like What Do You Meme?, Cards Against Humanity, and Buzzed are perfect for the older crowd. From kids to adults, you can find the ideal card game at stores like Target and Walmart.

Electric Wine Opener

Wine bottles can be a hassle to open. Make it extra easy for wine-lovers to open their favorite bottle with an electric wine opener! All they have to do is put the opener over the top of the bottle of wine and press a button. In no time, they’ll have cracked open their favorite bottle!

With these stocking stuffers, you’ll find something awesome to give your family members of all ages! So whether they’re into technology or card games, get them something useful this year. Happy shopping!

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