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As Black Friday and holiday shopping are around the corner, why not forgo the big department stores and corporations in favor of supporting your local community? November 24th is Small Business Saturday, which is always the Saturday following Thanksgiving. Whether you are planning on purchasing some necessities for yourself or need to do some gift shopping for others, there are many benefits to supporting small businesses in Charlottesville.

Why Shop Small?

So, why shop small? Choosing to shop locally is not only beneficial to small business owners, but it can also help your community. By shopping at small businesses, you are supporting the local economy. When you spend money locally, it stays within the community. You aren’t simply adding to the revenue of a large corporation, but helping a small grocer or boutique keep afloat. The more people shop at small businesses, more money goes back into the local economy. Without the support of the consumer, small businesses would eventually die out.

Plus, when you buy locally grown produce, you’re buying fresher and healthier products. No need to worry about GMOs or harmful ingredients. With higher quality products, shopping local may not be as inexpensive as the big box stores, but you are certainly making a worthwhile purchase for you and your community.

Buy Local

Not to mention, buying local is more fun! Not only do you find the coolest, quirkiest things from mom-and-pop shops, but you can also find a unique gift for a special someone. Shopping at Belk may be easy, but it’s not very personal. That sweater may be cute, but 50,000 people have also bought it. Where’s the fun in that? Purchasing clothes from local clothing boutiques can spice up your wardrobe or make incredible gifts!

Shopping at small businesses in Charlottesville is easy! Head on over to the Downtown Mall for some of the best local shopping or check out Barracks Road. There are even several grocery stores you can shop at rather than chains such as Giant or Kroger. The Charlottesville City Market is also a great place to shop locally as vendors from the community sell produce, baked goods, jewelry, and more!

This year, why don’t you skip the Black Friday chaos and support your community instead by shopping on Small Business Saturday? Your local economy will thank you!

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