National Healthy Skin Month: Skin Care Tips

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November is National Healthy Skin Month! Did you know that the skin is the body’s largest organ? The purpose of our skin is to block unwanted pathogens and other agents from penetrating our bodies. Perhaps you’ve noticed more acne and blemishes on your skin as a result of wearing masks. In fact, the term “maskne” has been coined to describe these breakouts. Although not wearing a mask is not currently an option, there are steps you can take to make sure your skin is radiant and protected from damage. It’s of the utmost importance that we take care of our skin, not only so that it looks young and healthy, but also so that it can perform its job effectively. We’ve compiled some helpful skin care tips that you can implement into your daily routine to help combat maskne and promote healthy skin!

Combat Maskne & More With These Skin Care Tips

Cleanse Regularly

Many people who previously haven’t struggled with acne and blemishes are now experiencing skin issues as a result of regularly wearing a mask. The warm, moist environment created under your mask serves as a prime real estate for clogged pores. To combat pimples, you must diligently clean your skin using a gentle cleanser. Even if you forgo makeup, it’s important to rid your skin of bacteria before bed, when you wake up, and potentially throughout the day. In addition to regularly cleansing your skin, laundering your reusable masks can help prevent bacteria buildup.

Use Moisturizer

A lot of times, people might think that as long as they wash their face, they are good to go. However, moisturizing is a crucial factor in skin health! Moisturizing can help protect your skin’s ability to act as a barrier, while also reducing premature aging. Typically, it is best to find a moisturizer with only a few ingredients. Additionally, you can double-up on benefits and use a moisturizer with SPF! The best time to moisturize is after a shower or bath when your skin is the most hydrated so that you can lock in the moisture. Maintaining moisturized skin can also help prevent the chaffing associated with the prolonged wearing of masks.

Less is More

While influencers on social media advertise using a plethora of fancy products on their skin, dermatologists actually recommend using only a few skin care products that you know work well for you. Layering on too many products can be harsh on your skin. Although some of the high-end skin care products may be effective, it isn’t always necessary to give in to a trend. Once you find a moisturizer and cleanser that works well for your skin, that should remain at the forefront of your routine.

Sun Protection Year-Round

While we often think that we should put sunscreen on our faces for a beach or pool day in the summer, dermatologists actually recommend using sunscreen year-round. Whether you’re in a car or outside, you’re still at risk for UV ray exposure, which causes aging and is a leading cause of skin cancer. With that being said, protection from the sun year-round is important to promote healthy skin. Dermatologists encourage you to apply face sunscreen every day. If you wear makeup, look for a foundation that includes SPF.

Eat a Nutritious Diet

Even if you’ve only recently developed skin issues and you think wearing a mask may be the culprit, you may also want to consider dietary factors. Many people don’t realize how impactful your diet is to your skin health. Not only can eating poorly impact your weight and your metabolism, but it can also harm your skin! The link between acne and diet isn’t totally clear, but research suggests a diet high in fish oil and low in unhealthy fats and processed carbs can help nourish the skin. Additionally, there are many foods that benefit your skin such as avocados, fatty fish like salmon, walnuts, broccoli, and more!

While there is plenty more that you can do for your skin, these skin care tips are a great place to start! Another important factor to keep in mind is scheduling regular trips to the dermatologist for check-ups so they can also keep an eye on your skin to catch any issues early on. For National Healthy Skin Month, incorporate these tips in your daily routine!

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