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We all know about Thanksgiving, the traditional holiday where families get together from near and far over a spread of delicious food, maybe some football, and all the other family traditions that may come along with it. However, Friendsgiving is becoming more and more popular to celebrate along with the traditional holiday. Although most people spend time with their families during the holidays, we can’t forget about our friends! Friendsgiving is all about being grateful for your friends and, of course, good food. If you’re planning Friendsgiving with your neighbors and friends, check out these tips for smooth sailing.

Pick the Place & Plan

Once you and your friends decide that you want to do a Friendsgiving, first and foremost you must pick the host. It’s important to pick a place that has plenty of open space in the living and dining areas, as well as the kitchen. No one wants to be cramped while cooking and socializing! Additionally, some people may even volunteer to host if they enjoy being in that position. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the host is in charge of the turkey. After picking the location, before even thinking about the food, think about logistics! Plates, cups, drinks, and decorations are important to take inventory on. Whether you use paper plates or fine china — this event can be as laid-back or fancy as you and your friends want it to be!

Make the Menu

For some of us during our childhood, maybe our mothers and fathers took charge of the entire Thanksgiving menu — from mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, and much more. However, this can be a lot to take on and will quickly get overwhelming, especially if this is your first Friendsgiving! Instead of the host making everything, make this event somewhat of a potluck with a Thanksgiving theme. While the host should make the turkey in order to make things easier for everyone, the rest of the group can claim a side dish to make. Perhaps discuss amongst your friends about what dishes you all want at Friendsgiving, and then each person can sign up for a dish to bring. This way, not all of the stress falls on one person!

Accommodate Your Friends and Neighbors

In terms of the menu, it’s also important to think about your friends with dietary restrictions. Whether someone is gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegetarian, there are plenty of delicious recipes that can be made to suit their eating habits. Additionally, there are plenty of ways you may be able to change a recipe to better suit their needs. For instance, use olive oil in mashed potatoes instead of butter, or use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth when necessary. Be sure to find out allergies and intolerances when you’re making the menu so that they have something tasty to eat at Friendsgiving too!

For Those Who Don’t Cook

Some people aren’t into cooking, whether they aren’t the best at it, or maybe they have a busy schedule. Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of ways they can contribute that don’t involve cooking! Have them bring beverages, ice, rolls or even a pie from a local bakery. There are plenty of items you’ll need for Friendsgiving that actually involve no cooking at all but are essential to the event.

Set the Tone for Friendsgiving

When planning Friendsgiving with neighbors and friends, think about the vibe you want the event to have. Whether it’s comfy and cozy, or fancy and traditional, it’s whatever suits you best. Make it festive! Decorate the table with candles and fake leaves, or even get flowers or a cornucopia centerpiece for the event. Once the decorations are determined, you can also make a playlist. Some nice background music will really pull your Friendsgiving together for time well spent.

Enjoy Friendsgiving

Once all of the planning has fallen into place and your friends and neighbors gather together, you can enjoy it! Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen with your friends, or socializing with the neighbors, Friendsgiving is a great way to take a minute to enjoy the company of those around you. So often, we forget to take the time to really appreciate the friendships that we have. On Friendsgiving, pause and look around at those who worked to make it possible. Sit around the table, tell stories and jokes, and enjoy great food and each other’s company! Make it a tradition from here on out for more nights to remember.

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