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Not only do we want to provide you with an incredible apartment experience, but we recognize that your pets are just as important! Here at Arden Place, we are happy to call ourselves a pet-friendly apartment community. On that note, most dogs and cats are welcome to live in your luxury apartment. In fact, our on-site fenced-in dog park is a perfect place for your furry friends to play! With moving comes readjusting to a new area. We understand how much you care for your pet, so we have gathered a list of local animal hospitals and groomers for all of your pet’s needs!

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Animal Hospitals

Old Dominion Animal Hospital

The Old Dominion Animal Hospital provides your pets with professional and passionate care. They have four examination rooms, and one acts as a “quiet room” designed like a family living room for pets who are anxious at the vet. The veterinarians provide exceptional care and attention to all pets, with an in-house lab, surgical suite, digital radiography suite, and more. Offering wellness care, senior pet care, surgery, dental, medical diagnostics, and a variety of other services, they have the ability to meet and exceed you and your pets’ needs. Request an appointment online or visit their website for more information!

Monticello Animal Hospital

Monticello Animal Hospital offers medical, surgical, and dental services for your pets! Their caring and knowledgeable staff provides special attention to pets in their state-of-the-art facility. They welcome new patients to come by for a tour to meet the staff, as they know how important your pet is to you! Offering a variety of care services including grooming and boarding, the Monticello Animal Hospital will provide whatever it is that is best for your pet!

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Pantops Pet Salon & Spa

Offering professional dog grooming services, Pantops Pet Salon & Spa specializes in haircuts, bathing, and therapeutic treatments. Their groomers attended school at the New York School of Dog Grooming, and are prepared to treat your pets with exceptional care and experience. They can provide haircuts for every breed of dog except for the Chow, Rottweiler, and Siberian Husky. Dogs are then brushed, their nails are done, and ears are cleaned. They also offer skin and flea treatments, as well as boarding. Your pet will be treated like royalty at Pantops Pet Salon & Spa! Visit their website for more information on their services and experience.

Animal Connection

Animal Connection offers grooming, teeth cleaning, and nail trimming for your pets in a stress-free environment! They hand-dry every dog, and by request you can get a rough paw and elbow scrub, dry skin therapy, and flea and tick repellent. Not only can you have your dog groomed, but they also offer a self serve dog wash! If you’re looking for a pet supply store, Animal Connection also carries holistic pet supplies. They carry anything from grooming products, nutritional supplements, items for senior pets, and solutions for allergy or stress relief. Visit their website to schedule an appointment, shop, or check out tips on pet care!

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In addition to Arden Place’s dog park, there are many local dog parks in Charlottesville to let your pets play! The rules at each park vary, so before you bring your furry friend to enjoy a little outdoor time, be sure to check each of their websites. 

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