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March 19th was the first day of Spring! Now that warmer weather is on the horizon, we have sunny days to look forward to. While social distancing has us safely remaining in our homes, we may be getting a little stir crazy. If this sounds all too familiar, there’s no better time to get outside! What will you do? Check out our list of outdoor activities for you to try that allow you to social distance.

Go for a Walk

We all will likely go on our fair share of walks within the next month or so, especially if we have a furry family member. Walking is a great way to exercise while allowing yourself to get some fresh air! Head to a local trail or walk around a different neighborhood for a change in scenery. Walking on a trail will allow you to connect deeply with nature, and will hopefully take your mind off of the world for a bit. Luckily, Charlottesville is home to a variety of trails for you to explore! Try to walk places that aren’t overly crowded — remember, we still want to follow the rules of social distancing!

Meditate, Journal, or Read

There’s something soothing and beautiful about surrounding yourself in nature. Grab your book or a journal, and head to a spot where you can clear your mind. Whether you head to a local park, sit by the Rivanna River, or even your own patio, take this time to read a book, journal, or meditate. Journaling is a great way to release anxiety and stress, or even just to pour your thoughts onto paper. Meditating is another way that can help us take a moment to focus on ourselves and step away from all that’s happening right now. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, which is so easy to do, head outside for some time to yourself.

Go for a Hike

Charlottesville is the perfect place to live for outdoor activities. In fact, there is plenty of hiking in the surrounding areas. What better way to distance yourself than on a mountain, surrounded by nothing but trees and breathtaking views? For those who aren’t into hiking, Loft Mountain Loop is a relatively short hike that offers a beautiful view! Another great local hike is Humpback Rocks. Offering an incredible lookout point, the top can be reached from the short and steep path or the longer lighter path! Take your pick. If you’re looking for a workout and are willing to drive, Crabtree Falls is located about an hour away from Charlottesville. Climb a steep two miles up to hit the top of the highest vertical-drop waterfall east of the Mississippi!

Take a Drive

On a sunny day, sometimes it’s nice to drive around with the windows down. Make a fun playlist, and simply go for a drive! Explore new areas with no final destination. There’s no better way to “get out” then literally driving away. Although you can’t go out anywhere, blasting music with your windows down is a clear stress reliever and mood booster.

Have a Picnic

Now that it’s getting warmer, it’s picnic weather! If you miss going out to your favorite restaurant, pack up your own fancy dinner and head outside. You could even find a new recipe to make or whip up a variety of appetizers to snack on. Eat at a local park or even your own patio! It will be a great change in scenery while also allowing you to enjoy some sunlight. Check out our blog here to discover different places to picnic around Charlottesville.

While social distancing has changed our everyday lives, whether that be not going to work, going out to eat, or gathering in groups, we can make the most of it. It is crucial to spend time outside, and now that Spring is here, there are plenty of outdoor activities that allow us to practice social distancing.

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