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What would life be without laughter? National Tell a Joke Day is coming up on August 16th, so be sure to get a few one-liners and knock-knock jokes lined up! A smile can go a long way toward brightening someone’s day, so why not tell a joke and get someone to laugh?

From the corny jokes that people snort at to the tried-and-true knock-knock jokes, humor is an important aspect of our lives. Comedy sitcoms such as Friends or Seinfeld remain popular series to this day because of their timelessness. If you tell a joke, you’re taking the opportunity to brighten a person’s day. Although to tell a joke may seem like a simple task, it can have a profound impact. You never know when someone might be feeling sad or alone. If you can get them to just crack a smile, it might help them cheer up! Isn’t impacting someone in a positive way always worth a try?

As Mel B on America’s Got Talent puts it, “a proper belly laugh” is good for the soul. The saying laughter is the best medicine isn’t just a myth — there’s some evidence to back up those claims. According to Forbes, laughter can help facilitate brain connectivity, release serotonin, and even protect your heart. Who knew that laughter could actually be good for helping to prevent future diseases? Laughter can even strengthen relationships and be an important part of bonding. Go ahead, tell a joke to your neighbor, and maybe you’ll make a lifelong friend.

Joke Ideas

If you need a few jokes to tell, try these! They may be corny, but they’ll probably garner a pity laugh or two.

Question: “What did the father buffalo say when his son went off to school?”

Punchline: “Bison!”

Question: “What do you call a computer at the bottom of the ocean?”

Punchline: “Adele (A Dell) Rolling in the Deep

Question: “How do you wake up Lady Gaga?”

Punchline:Poker Face

Whether you use some of those silly jokes or create your own, you can never go wrong trying to make someone smile!

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