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August 26th is National Dog Day! No matter what, our dogs are there for us without a question. Their unwavering loyalty and constant happiness is something humans can learn from! With that being said, as much as they are here for us, we should be there for them too! How will you make time for your furry friend? Check out these ways you can celebrate National Dog Day.

Give Them a Day at Daycare

It’s important for dogs to socialize! If your pup is good around other dogs, treat them to a day at daycare! Many dogs enjoy daycare, as it is a way for them to spend some time with other furry friends playing outside. While of course you want to spend time with your dog on National Dog Day, if they love daycare, they’ll enjoy a day of fun as well!

Take Them for a Walk

It’s always good for dogs to get out of the house. On National Dog Day, be sure to take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood! Let them explore while also releasing some pent up energy. Remember to be cognizant of the time of day you walk them because the intense heat during the day can cause the pavement to reach painful temperatures for their paws.

Take them to the Dog Park

As a pet-friendly apartment community, Arden Place understands that dogs are a part of your family. That’s why we offer a fenced-in dog park for our furry friends to run free! On National Dog Day, take your dog to the dog park. Bring a frisbee or a ball to play some fetch, or just let them run around! In addition to our dog park, there are many parks around town, including Azalea Park and Claudius Crozet Park.

Make Them Homemade Treats

If you want to show your pet some extra love, whip them up a nice, homemade treat. In fact, many homemade treats are easy to make and healthy for your dog. Not sure where to start? Try this recipe for oatmeal, peanut butter, and banana treats by Miss Molly Says. Or, try these tasty pumpkin treats by Spaceships & Laser Beams. Not only are these simple to make with few ingredients, but your dog will love the change from the typical boxed treats.

Buy Them a New Toy

Another way to show some appreciation for your dog is by buying them a brand new toy! Perhaps, you could even take them with you to the local pet store and let them sniff around. Nothing gets a dog more hyped up than a brand new toy to play with. After you buy the toy, don’t forget to spend some time playing with them!

Don’t Have a Dog? Try This!

If you don’t have a dog but want to participate in National Dog Day, there are many ways to do so! Donate food or toys to your local animal shelter, or offer to take an elderly neighbor’s dog on a walk. If you’re interested in getting a pet any time soon, perhaps you could even adopt or foster a dog from a local shelter.

Our dogs quickly become members of our family. They keep us company, they brighten our days, and always greet us with a wagging tail. While we should be showing our dogs love every day, National Dog Day is a time we can kick it up a notch! Buy that toy, make those treats, and give your dog some extra love. If it’s cold outside, check out our blog Ways to Entertain Your Dog When it’s Cold Outside.

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