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avoid move out costs

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When you lease an apartment at Arden Place, you have the option of either paying a security deposit or a surety bond. The refundable $1000 security deposit will be used to cover any damages beyond normal wear and tear that may be found upon vacating. The surety bond is a non-refundable payment of $175. If you adhere to all the lease terms and keep the apartment in the same condition as when you moved in, you should receive a full refund of the security deposit or incur no additional costs from the surety bond company, depending on which option you chose. However, if you do not abide by the conditions of the agreement, you could incur move out costs.

So, how do you avoid move out costs? Here are some tips to help you!

Do a Thorough Walkthrough

When you get the keys to the apartment, it can be tempting to move everything in right away. However, you will want to do a thorough walkthrough and document any deficiencies on the Apartment Inspection Form provided by management. If there are any nail holes in the wall, scratches on the floor, blinds missing, or dirty cabinets, be sure to notate any issues. By documenting these imperfections when you move in, the landlord knows the condition of the apartment and you will not be held responsible for those reported items. If you don’t do this, you could get a reduction in your security deposit for damage you didn’t even do.

Similarly, request a walkthrough with a member of management before you move out as well. You can also ask your Apartment Inspection Form be reviewed when conducting the walkthrough. This allows you to discuss any potential deficiencies or damage that might result in move out charges.

Know Your Lease

Reading a long legal document can seem daunting, but you will want to make sure to read over your lease in its entirety. You need to know all the terms and conditions so you don’t accidentally end up violating them. For example, you are allowed to paint your walls at Arden Place, but you are expected to paint the walls back to their original color before moving out.

Give Notice

When it comes time to move out, be sure to give the landlord proper notice. Breaking a lease can cost you your security deposit and negatively impact your rental history. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and give plenty of notice in regard to when you plan on moving out. If you are unsure of the required notice, simply contact the leasing office.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Be sure to leave your apartment spotless upon moving out. A clean apartment will always help you avoid move out costs. Don’t leave a dirty oven or scum-filled shower. It’s not worth risking charges because you don’t feel like tidying up. If you really despise cleaning, you could always hire a service. Either way, leave the apartment like you found it!

Learning how to avoid move out costs isn’t rocket science. Simply abide by your lease agreement and be a respectful resident!

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