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hot yoga studios in charlottesville

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Namaste! Have you recently been experiencing stress and need a way to unwind and relax? Yoga is not only a great way to get some exercise in, but it also helps relieve stress. But what about hot yoga? Whether you are a passionate yogi or want to try something new, hot yoga offers a fun and challenging twist on traditional yoga classes. There are several hot yoga studios in Charlottesville, all within close proximity to Arden Place’s affordable luxury apartments.

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is a type of yoga done in a hot room with a high level of humidity. People often associate hot yoga with Bikram yoga, which is performed in a very hot room, precisely at 105 degrees with 40% humidity. Bikram yoga is a form of hot yoga, but not all hot yoga is Bikram. In general, hot yoga is cooler than Bikram yoga, ranging from 80-100 degrees for most studios. This less intense temperature is great for beginners, as the heat can be difficult to acclimate to at first. Only 26 poses are used in Bikram yoga in comparison to other hot yoga studios in Charlottesville, which consists of a wide variety of poses. Bikram yoga is much more traditional and requires instructors that have been specifically trained to lead the classes. On the other hand, hot yoga has provides a more relaxing atmosphere.

Hot Yoga Benefits

You may be asking yourself, why would I want to do yoga in a hot and humid room? Yoga itself offers many physical and mental benefits. Add some heat to the mix, and you not only intensify the workout, but you also add an additional cleansing effect. Hot yoga benefits include:

  • Detoxification: Hot yoga is certainly going to make you break a sweat, which will help clean all those nasty toxins from your body!
  • Weight Loss: Yoga is a workout, but hot yoga is even more challenging and makes you sweat harder.
  • Pain Alleviation: In general, yoga is known to be great for people with back pain as you stretch out the body.
  • Improve Flexibility: All those different poses may be difficult at first, but they will increase your flexibility in the long run.
  • Build Muscle Tone: Holding poses requires you to use your muscles, so after attending several classes you can bet you’re going to make them stronger!
  • Improve Lymphatic Circulation: Hot yoga helps pump up your lymphatic system by increasing blood circulation.

Most Popular Hot Yoga Studios in Charlottesville

There are tons of hot yoga studios in Charlottesville, so you can get on a mat and start sweating in no time! Here are some of the most popular hot yoga spots in town:

  1. Hot Yoga Charlottesville
  2. The Elements
  3. Opal Yoga

Remember to hydrate, and don’t forget to bring a towel!

Arden Place is a luxury apartment community located in Charlottesville, Virginia, in close proximity to many hot yoga studios. Neither urban, nor rural, Arden Place offers the perfect atmosphere for its residents to work and play. Schedule a tour to see why recently ranked in the Elite 1% of J Turner Research’s ORA™ Power Ranking.

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