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Financial Awareness Day falls on August 14th. Unfortunately but inevitably, not all of us are great with managing our money. Sometimes, temptation gets the best of us; from that iced coffee you must have, to the shoes screaming your name or the purse that has to be yours. There’s no reason to deprive yourself of the finer things in life! However, make sure you have it in your budget first to save yourself financial turmoil in the future. With these budgeting apps, you will find easy ways to budget for your luxury apartment at Arden Place, and everything else you need to budget for. We will have you financially on track in no time!

Budgeting Apps You Have to Try!


Mint is often viewed as one of the best budgeting apps overall. Available for free on iOS and Android, you can see your bills and accounts in one glance. Furthermore, you are able to view your credit score as many times as you please. Add your bills to a dashboard, which in turn sets reminders when bills are due or when funds are low. Of course, they are also concerned with the security of your accounts. In order to keep your information protected, there’s a 4-digit code and password, as well as VeriSign security scanning. With Mint, you can easily manage your bills and accounts to better plan for future investments and stay on top of payments!


PocketGuard is considered a very simple and easy-to-use budgeting app. For those who just want to keep it simple, this app is for you! It allows viewers to quickly see what they currently have at the moment to spend. Whenever you spend, your transactions are categorized so that you can see what you have spent on. Not sure what the best way to budget is, or even where to start? PocketGuard can also automatically create a customized budget for you. In terms of security, their system can never save your login credentials, nor can they ever change anything on your accounts. If you’re looking for a quick and easy overview of your finances, be sure to check out PocketGuard!


Prism is a helpful budgeting app that allows you to easily track your bills and receive reminders about when they are due. With Prism, view your account balances, expenses and income in one simple view. It can remind you when payday is, as well as when your Hulu payment is due later in the month all on one calendar list. Prism has more billers than any other pay app, with over 11,000 billers. Easily manage your Hulu, Netflix, Spotify and a variety of other monthly payments with this free app. Budgeting and bills have never been easier!


Albert is a free app available for iOS that cuts out all your work for you! After analyzing all of your accounts, Albert creates a personal and individualized plan based on your income and spending habits. It can save you from overpaying, whether a free trial expires or pricing goes up. It also recommends an amount that is safe to save monthly based off of your income, bills, and spending. Furthermore, receive spending reports for different categories, which in turn tells you how much you have in that budget for the month. Financial geniuses at Albert are available to text, answering any financial questions you may have. You can trust Albert to help you stay within your budget through various reminders and tips!

With Financial Awareness Day quickly approaching, it is a great start to check out some of these budgeting apps. Through simple tricks, tips, and reminders, these apps can help you find a variety of ways to save money and stay on track based on your budget.

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