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Arden Place has received numerous awards, illustrating our overall success as an apartment community and the satisfaction of our residents! These prestigious awards recognize Arden Place as one of the best Charlottesville apartment communities. In 2020, Arden Place won the Satisfacts Award, the Apartment Ratings Award, and the 2020 Elite 1% ORA Power Ranking. In addition to being proud to share our accomplishments, we are pleased to provide our residents with such a wonderful place to call home.

Satisfacts Award

Arden Place is a proud recipient of the 2020 Satisfacts Award! The National Resident Satisfaction Awards recognize communities that focus on the overall satisfaction of residents. In order to receive this award, properties must maintain a Resident Satisfaction Score of 4.00+/5.00. Additionally, a minimum of 25 residents must complete surveys. At Arden Place, we strive to provide our residents with a happy, healthy, and beautiful place to live. We are incredibly grateful for our residents. After all, everything we do is centered around them!

ApartmentRatings Award

Only 5% of properties on are recipients of this award each year, and Arden Place is happy to announce that we are one of them! In order to receive this prestigious award, a community must receive over 5 reviews in 2020 and an A- or better for their epIQ grade. The epIQ Index is short for Experience & Performance Intelligence Quotient and is powered by data from ApartmentRatings Reviews. This score portrays how well a community meets the needs of past, current, and future residents.

2020 Elite 1% ORA Power Ranking

Last but certainly not least, Arden Place is a recipient of the 2020 Elite 1% ORA Power Ranking! This recognizes Arden Place among the Elite 1% of properties with the best online reputation. The ranking is based on monthly online reputation research of over 122,000 apartments across multiple review sites. To be eligible for this award, properties must have a minimum ORA score of 90. We take great pride in being recognized as an ORA Elite 1% property. Additionally, we are grateful for our residents who helped us achieve this monumental goal!

As one of the best Charlottesville apartment communities, Arden Place is proud to announce our recent awards. Many thanks to our past and current residents for supporting us online through positive reviews! We look forward to continuing to meet and exceed your expectations. If you’re considering places to live in Charlottesville, be sure to schedule your tour with us here at Arden Place Luxury Apartments.

Arden Place Luxury Apartments is one of the top apartment communities in Charlottesville. Neither urban, nor rural, Arden Place offers the perfect location to experience all that Charlottesville has to offer. Schedule a tour and see why we recently received the 2019 SatisFacts Resident Satisfaction Award.

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