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Attention all garlic lovers — April 19th is National Garlic Day! A staple in many dishes, garlic provides an extra pop of flavor that can be difficult to replicate without it. Not to mention, some of the tastiest dishes include this ingredient to tie it all together. If you can’t get enough garlic, there is no better day to enjoy a flavorful dish than April 19th! Try making one of these tasty recipes using garlic.

Garlic Parmesan Wings

These Parmesan Baked Chicken Wings by Evolving Table are easy to make and a healthier option compared to the typical wings! Flavorful garlic, rich parmesan, and spicy red pepper flakes make this recipe mouthwatering. Crispy and full of flavor, you won’t get enough of these delicious wings. Serve them as an appetizer at your next get-together or enjoy them as a meal.

garlic parmesan chicken wings
Image from Evolving Table

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Very few things are better than bread, and cheesy garlic bread is one of them. This delectable recipe by The Cozy Cook is sure to be a hit! After all, it truly doesn’t get better than bread and cheese. Parmesan and mozzarella baked on top of a rich garlic sauce and crispy bread, this dish is definitely a fan favorite. Serve it as an appetizer or a side for your next family spaghetti dinner!

cheesy garlic bread
Image from The Cozy Cook

10-Minute Honey Garlic Shrimp

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and delicious recipe, look no further! This recipe for Honey Garlic Shrimp by Munchkin Time can be made in just 10 minutes. Not to mention, it’s full of flavor and incredibly satisfying! The perfect mix of sweet, savory, and a little bit of spicy, you’re sure to enjoy this quick dish.

honey garlic shrimp
Image from Munchkin Time

15 Minute Creamy Garlic Pasta

Let’s be real; no pasta dish is truly complete without at least a touch of garlic. That’s what makes this recipe for Creamy Garlic Pasta by Salt & Lavender so tasty! That, paired with the fact that you can whip this up in just 15 minutes, make this a winning recipe you’ll want to prepare again and again. In no time, you’ll have a rich, creamy dish that even the pickiest of eaters can’t turn down. Bon app├ętit!

creamy garlic pasta
Image from Salt & Lavender

Whether you’re looking for a tasty appetizer or a flavorful entree, these recipes using garlic are a great place to start. Each is packed with flavor, and you simply can’t go wrong. Happy cooking!

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