Skip Starbucks: Try These Homemade Coffee Syrups!

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iced coffee with creamer

There’s no better way to start your day than with a delicious iced coffee or warm latte. While it is very tempting to grab yourself a specialty coffee from the local coffee shop or Starbucks, it can become very costly! Why not try making your own at home? With these homemade coffee syrups, you can enjoy a fancy coffee in … Read More

Vegetarian Month: Best Vegetarian Recipes

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vegetarian taquitos

October is Vegetarian Month! Whether you’re a vegetarian or simply are interested in eating more plant-based foods, there are many surprising and tasty ways to make dishes vegetarian. Perhaps you have a vegetarian roommate or family member. If so, whip them up one of these tasty vegetarian recipes! Who knows, maybe you’ll have a new favorite! Vegetarian Three Cheese White … Read More

Places in Charlottesville to Take Flower Arranging Classes

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flower arranging classes in charlottesville

With Floral Design Day coming up on February 28th, why not take a flower arranging class to celebrate? Floral design is the art of using plants and natural materials to create a beautiful display of botany. The history of floral design dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, who are considered the first florists. Back then, flower arrangements were a luxury, … Read More

Best Spots for Valentine’s Day Dinner in Charlottesville

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valentine's day dinner in charlottesville

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you planned out what you and your significant other are doing to celebrate the occasion? Going out to dinner is a Valentine’s Day tradition for most couples. Who doesn’t like dressing up, going out on the town, and enjoying a fancy dinner? Sometimes with our busy schedules, it can be difficult to … Read More

Best Places to Find Unique Gifts in Charlottesville

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unique gifts in charlottesville

Giving is the best part of the holiday season! Although receiving presents is part of the fun, the true joy of the holiday season is giving gifts to your friends, family, or charities. Even though giving is the reason for the season, it can sometimes be difficult to pick out the perfect gift. In order to help you shop with … Read More

Why Charlottesville is a Great Town for Young Professionals

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young professionals in charlottesville

With a population of nearly 50,000, Charlottesville is a bustling community with a rich culture and history. Surrounded by several rural counties, many people flock to the city for both work and entertainment. There’s an abundance of young professionals in Charlottesville as there are more employment opportunities in the city. Although the town is still relatively small in comparison to … Read More