Best Brunch Spots in Charlottesville

brunch in charlottesville

Crispy chicken and waffles, creamy grits with cheddar, fresh fruit, and warm buttery biscuits are a few reasons why brunch might be the best meal of all time. When it comes to finding a place to eat brunch in Charlottesville, the amazing local restaurant scene does not disappoint. From the Downtown area to Crozet, here are a few brunch spots … Read More

Charlottesville Restaurant Spotlight: Jack Brown’s Beer and Burgers

jack brown's

Although Jack Brown’s Beer and Burgers originally started out with its first location in Harrisonburg, Virginia, the popular beer and burger joint now has over 10 locations. With a passion for craft beer and a good burger, two friends turned their childhood dream into a reality and have seen their business expand from the small college town of Harrisonburg to … Read More

Charlottesville Restaurant Spotlight: Moose’s by the Creek

moose's by the creek

Have you been Moose-ified? If you don’t know what that is, you probably haven’t been to Moose’s by the Creek yet, a popular local restaurant near Downtown Charlottesville. Although it may not look like much on the outside, Moose’s by the Creek is known for their home-cooked breakfast served all day, every day. As soon as you step foot inside … Read More

Charlottesville Restaurant Spotlight: The Fitzroy

the fitzroy

You’re driving in the car, deciding where you want to go to eat with your friend, spouse, or significant other. Indecisiveness takes over and neither one of you can settle on a place. So you finally suggest to go out for Mexican food. “Ah, I’m not really feeling Mexican though,” they reply, and the search continues. You throw out a … Read More

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Best Places to Get Dessert in Charlottesville!

places to get dessert in charlottesville

Are you craving something sweet? If you’re in need of a sugar fix, no need to fear! Charlottesville may be known for its amazing local restaurant scene, but there’s no shortage of bakeries and ice cream shops to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you’re craving a warm slice of pie with a scoop of homemade ice cream on top or … Read More

Charlottesville Winery Spotlight: Jefferson Vineyards

jefferson vineyards

Known as Virginia’s first wine company, Jefferson Vineyards has an interesting history. According to the winery’s website, Thomas Jefferson gave land to Italian viticulturist Filippo Mazzei in 1773. A year later, Mazzei began growing grapes on the property. When the American Revolution began a few years later, the vines were destroyed. Colle, the house Mazzei built, was dismantled in 1930 … Read More

Cooking Classes in Charlottesville

cooking classes in charlottesville

Have you ever been watching Food Network and aspired to be the next Rachael Ray or Bobby Flay? Or perhaps you’ve just wondered how to properly cook a meal without completely botching the recipe or potentially starting a fire. Whether you’ve got absolutely zero cooking skills or enjoy whipping up some home-cooked meals, there are several cooking classes in Charlottesville … Read More

Eat Green at the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Charlottesville

vegetarian restaurants in charlottesville

Whether you are vegetarian for health reasons or because you are passionate about animals and the environment, it can sometimes be difficult to eat out with a restricted diet. Charlottesville is known for its abundance of amazing local restaurants and straight up good eats. Not only is the restaurant scene diverse, there are also plenty of vegetarian friendly places to … Read More

Your Search for the Best Coffee Shops in Charlottesville Ends Here

Coffee Shops in Charlottesville

As the leaves fall and the weather cools down, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a warm cup of coffee. National Coffee Day is just around the corner on September 29th, so why not ditch the Folgers and try one of the best coffee shops in Charlottesville? Starbucks may have a special place in most people’s hearts, but let’s leave … Read More

Charlottesville Winery Spotlight: Glass House Winery

glass house winery

If there’s anything better than sipping a refreshing glass of wine on a front porch on a beautiful day, it’s pairing it with delicious gourmet chocolate. At Glass House Winery, you can find wine made from locally grown grapes as well as homemade chocolate crafted from their in-house chocolatier. Founded in 2006 by owners Jeff and Michelle Sanders, the winery … Read More