Get Ready to Run! Races in Charlottesville

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two women running a race

Perhaps you love to run, or maybe it’s a hobby you’re interested in trying. Having something to work towards can undoubtedly make getting into running easier! So check out some of these upcoming races in Charlottesville to motivate yourself. From 5Ks to marathons, you can select the race that suits you best! Boar’s Head Turn & Burn 5-Miler On Saturday, … Read More

Try These Boutique Gyms in Charlottesville

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group workout

While exercising is incredibly beneficial, getting in the swing of it can be difficult! But keep in mind, getting yourself to the gym is the first step in itself. Then, once you’re there, the plethora of machinery and weights can be overwhelming. So, where do you even begin? If this sounds all too familiar, perhaps you should consider a boutique … Read More

Stay Motivated with these At-Home Workout Ideas & Tools

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woman doing yoga

2021 is finally here, and with that comes something we’re all too familiar with — New Year’s resolutions! A common resolution that many choose to focus on is to work out more. This resolution, while achievable, can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Some people may not be comfortable hitting the local gym due to COVID, and some simply … Read More

Rock Climbing in Charlottesville

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woman rock climbing

Adventurers, thrill-seekers, and outdoor enthusiasts are right at home in the rolling hills and mountains of Charlottesville. However, with colder days approaching, adrenaline junkies will soon be confined to the indoors. But don’t worry! For those who love all things adventurous or those who want to try something new, you’re in the right place. Charlottesville is home to both a … Read More

Hit Your Stride This Fall with the Best Running Gear

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woman running wearing running gear

As the humid days of summer come to a close, and the brisk fall air approaches, it’s the perfect time to get into running! Whether you’ve run through the heat, or you want to start something new, it’s important to have good running gear. Although there is plenty of high-quality running gear out there — from shoes, to clothing, to … Read More

Hit the Greens at Golf Courses in Charlottesville

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golf courses in charlottesville

The lush, rolling hills of Charlottesville make it a prime location for golf courses. Sprawling green fairways and beautiful country clubs are the perfect backdrops for a round of golf. Whether you have time for 18 holes or prefer to hit the driving range for a quick bucket of balls, there are plenty of golf courses in Charlottesville.  Birdwood Golf … Read More

Paddle Boarding in Charlottesville with Rivanna River Company

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paddle boarding in charlottesville

Once an ancient Hawaiian sport, paddle boarding has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Paddle boarding isn’t just reserved for the beach, either. You can pretty much paddle on any large body of water, including rivers and lakes. Similar to a surfboard, you stand on the paddle board while using a paddle to propel yourself forward. Not only does … Read More

Barre Studios in Charlottesville That You Need to Try

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barre studios in charlottesville

A challenging combination of ballet, yoga, and pilates, barre is a form of exercise that can help improve flexibility, tone muscles, and improve core strength. Barre will give you a complete full body workout that will definitely make you break a sweat. The great thing about barre is that it is low impact — meaning that you will get a … Read More

Best Hiking Trails Near Charlottesville

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best hiking trails near charlottesville

Charlottesville may be known for its abundance of breweries and vineyards, but did you know that some of the best hiking trails in Virginia are located near the charming town? Before you head out to taste some refreshing beer, be sure to check out some of the area’s hiking spots to enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains first hand. The mountains … Read More

Spinning Studios in Charlottesville

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spinning studios in charlottesville

Are you looking for a fun new way to get some exercise in without running on the dreaded treadmill? Then give spinning a try! There are several spinning studios in Charlottesville, all within close proximity to Arden Place’s luxury apartments. Spinning, a form of indoor cycling, is a killer workout that will leave you drenched in sweat. Stationary bikes may … Read More