Free Concerts in Charlottesville: Fridays After Five

free concerts in charlottesville

Free Concerts in Charlottesville Every Friday Beginning in April, Charlottesville hosts a favorite tradition for the spring and summer season — Fridays After Five! Lasting until the beginning of September, Fridays After Five is a series of free concerts in Charlottesville. The concerts are held at the Sprint Pavilion on the downtown mall. Featuring local artists in a variety of … Read More

Charlottesville Restaurant Spotlight: The Bluegrass Grill & Bakery

Bluegrass Grill & Bakery

Let’s talk about the B-word. Brunch! Who doesn’t love a good brunch? At The Bluegrass Grill & Bakery, they take their B’s very seriously — brunch, bacon, and Benedict. Located in quaint downtown Charlottesville, near the train tracks just behind Water Street garage, it’s easy to miss this little restaurant when you’re driving by. The next time you pass, don’t … Read More

Hot Yoga Studios in Charlottesville

hot yoga studios in charlottesville

Namaste! Have you been stressed out recently and need a way to unwind and relax? Yoga is not only a great way to get some exercise in, but it also helps relieve stress. But what about hot yoga? Whether you are a passionate yogi or want to try something new, hot yoga offers a fun and challenging twist on more … Read More

Apartment Decorating for Young Professionals

decorating for young professionals

Congratulations! You’ve just graduated from college, landed a nice job in the city, and have moved into a new apartment. It’s time to ditch the jersey sheets, plastic drawers, and bed risers. Transitioning from college life to an apartment community for professionals, such as Arden Place in Charlottesville, doesn’t have to be overly difficult! There are a few easy things … Read More

Charlottesville Winery Spotlight: Blenheim Vineyards

blenheim vineyards

Considered by some to be the Napa of the East Coast, Charlottesville is bursting with an abundance of beautiful wineries. While Charlottesville is known for its wine, it’s also known for being the origin of the Dave Matthews Band. What you may not know, however, is that Dave Matthews owns a popular Charlottesville winery — Blenheim Vineyards. Constructed with environmental … Read More

Best Date Spots in Charlottesville

best date spots in charlottesville

Is there anything more romantic than a small town? Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlottesville is a picturesque city, bursting with culture. From vineyards and hiking trails to local restaurants and shops, this gorgeous city has it all. Arden Place, the premier luxury apartment community in the area, is in the perfect location, near some of the best … Read More

Benefits of Renting an Apartment

benefits of renting

We all know the American dream — buy a nice home in the suburbs with a white picket fence, have approximately 2.4 children, and maybe even drive a minivan. But what if buying a house isn’t the only option? What if it isn’t the best option? With house prices and interest rates continually on the rise, many people choose to forgo the … Read More

Celebrating Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday in Charlottesville

thomas jefferson's birthday

As you walk by the stunning architecture of the Rotunda or waltz through the gardens at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s influence on the quaint city of Charlottesville becomes quite evident. As Albemarle County holds a special place in its heart for the third U.S. president, Thomas Jefferson’s birthday in Charlottesville is a holiday in itself. Every April 13, the community hosts … Read More

Reserve the Movie Theater at Arden Place

reserve the movie theater at arden place

Did you know that you can can reserve the movie theater at Arden Place for private movie viewings? With the 90th Oscar Academy Awards taking place earlier in March, we thought you’d like some ideas for award-winning movies to watch at your private viewing party. We’ve curated a list of all the movies that won an award at the 2018 … Read More

Boozy Dessert Recipes for St. Patty’s Day

boozy dessert recipes

Why just drink your Guinness, Jameson, and Bailey’s this St. Patrick’s Day when you can eat them too? Try these boozy dessert recipes to incorporate your favorite Irish adult beverages into dessert time this weekend. Chocolate Stout Cupcakes Surely you can spare one bottle of Guinness to whip up these chocolate stout cupcakes. We love how the icing resembles Guinness’s … Read More