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Art is perhaps one of the best tools we can use to express ourselves. Whether it be through painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, photography, or any other medium, art allows us to transform our most abstract feelings into something tangible. Being an artist doesn’t mean you have to paint like Picasso or capture photos like Annie Leibovitz. Art is about discovering your own style and personal aesthetic. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be an artist, it’s never too late to delve into your creative side. There are several places to take art classes in Charlottesville if you are interested in furthering your skills or even if you are a complete beginner. Everybody starts somewhere, so don’t be afraid to take the first step of your artistic endeavor. You may find yourself passionate about a new hobby and may make a few friends along the way.

McGuffey Art Center

McGuffey Art Center, located just next to the historic Downtown Mall, declares itself as “one of the oldest artist-run cooperative art centers in the country.” Since 1975, the center has been focused on creating a community of artists and generating the creative spirit. Along with being one of the top places offering art classes in Charlottesville, McGuffey Art Center also provides summer camps for children, as well as workshops, peer critique sessions, individual instructors, and drop-in classes. Classes available include watercolor painting, ceramics, palette knife painting, oil painting, and more! Be sure to check out their website for the extensive class offerings.

City Clay

If you’re looking for art classes in Charlottesville that mainly focus on ceramics, then City Clay is the perfect place to hone in on your wheel throwing or hand building skills. With basic, intermediate, and advanced level classes, there’s something for every experience level. Whether you want to try out hand building clay for the first time or want to develop your wheel skills further, be sure to check out City Clay.

Wine & Design

Do you love both painting and wine? Then you must try Wine & Design! On their website, they have what paintings will be available to design on each day, so sign up for the one you like best. Grab a friend and enjoy an approximately two-hour long session of wine sipping and painting. They will have all the supplies ready for you, you just need to show up! You can also host private Wine & Design events, which would be perfect for a bridesmaid party, baby shower, or any other occasion.

Why not boost your creative energy and sign up for some art classes in Charlottesville? Whether you are a beginner or already consider yourself an artist, you will only develop your skills by practicing!

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