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For those of you that have been wanting a furry friend, you’re in luck. Did you know that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month? There’s no better time to adopt a dog from one of these Charlottesville animal shelters. In doing so, you’re not only changing your life for the better but also the life of a pup.

The History or Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) sponsors Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, which was founded by the American Humane Association in 1981. With an overwhelming amount of dogs in shelters (3.1 million annually), the purpose of this holiday is to promote adoption from local shelters. Additionally, even if you aren’t ready to adopt a dog, you can still help out this month by donating and volunteering at a local animal shelter. After all, adopting a dog, while a wonderful decision, is also a big responsibility!

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea of having a pet. However, it’s essential to consider all factors before jumping in! First, consider your lifestyle. Do you have time to give your dog an adequate amount of attention and exercise? Additionally, do you have the space that your dog needs? Some dogs don’t need a huge yard to run around in, while others do. Before adopting, consider your lifestyle and what kind of dog would thrive in your environment.

Do you have other pets at home? It’s important to make sure that your cat or dog at home is okay with other animals and that the shelter dog has experience with other animals as well. Another critical factor is the cost. Having a dog can be a costly endeavor! From vet bills to bags of food, toys, and more, be sure you are financially ready to take on the responsibility as well. Once you’ve evaluated your day-to-day life and the logistics of being a dog owner, you can then consider adoption.

Charlottesville Animal Shelters & Rescues

Now that you’ve considered all the necessary factors and checked all the boxes, it’s time to adopt! There are several different shelters and animal rescue groups here in Charlottesville. Now, you just have to meet your perfect pup. Take a look at animal rescues like:

Charlottesville Albemarle ASPCA

Visit the Charlottesville Albemarle ASPCA to find your new furry friend. Before scheduling your visit, you must first submit an application. Next, you can make an appointment prior to your visit to meet adoptable dogs. The fee for dogs over 20 pounds is $175, and the cost for dogs at or under 20 pounds and puppies is $300. Lastly, the fee for senior dogs (dogs 10 and up) is $50. Fill out your application today to meet your new best friend!

Animal Connections

Animal Connections is a non-profit dedicated to matching homeless dogs to their forever families. Through their foster-to-adopt program, they help families in the Charlottesville area find the perfect pet. Not to mention, this program allows you to truly understand your dog before adopting them to ensure you’re both the perfect match!

Basset Rescue of Old Dominion

If you have your sights set on a basset hound, there’s no better place to turn to than the Basset Rescue of Old Dominion. While their mailing address is in Charlottesville, they also connect dogs to homes in West Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, and some areas in Southern Pennsylvania. Their available dogs are either basset hounds or basset mixes. In addition to adopting, you can also foster dogs! Basset Rescue of Old Dominion doesn’t operate as a shelter; their dogs are located in foster homes throughout the areas in which they operate. Once you submit an application and a veterinarian reference, a home visit will be scheduled. A volunteer will visit your home to meet the family and review any information. Afterward, you’ll be paired with an adoption coordinator who will help match you with the best dog for your home environment!

This month, you can change a dog’s life forever. If you’ve ever considered getting a dog, adopt one from one of these local Charlottesville animal shelters and rescues! In doing so, you’ll not only gain a wonderful new friend, but you’ll also be making a difference in their life by giving them the love and care they deserve.

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