Activities to Do After Work (Instead of Watching TV)

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After a long day at the office or in your work-from-home office, it’s tempting to lounge on the couch and binge-watch your favorite Netflix show. While that’s undoubtedly acceptable at times, it can become redundant. If you already sit on a computer all day for work, perhaps you can limit your screen time by trying something else! Check out some of these activities to do after work instead of watching TV.

Go for a Walk

After a day spent indoors, try getting outside! Go for a walk around your neighborhood or visit a local park. Walk with a friend or your pet, or enjoy some alone time in nature. This is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors!

Cook a New Recipe

Skip the takeout and try a new recipe! Perhaps you’ve seen something you’d like to try and make from TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest. Or maybe you have a cookbook that you tend to forget about. So pick a recipe and head to the store to purchase the ingredients! Not only will you have a fun time cooking, but you may find your new go-to dinner.

Play a Game with Friends

Get some friends together for a game night! Whether it’s cards, a board game, or a video game, this is a great way to spend your evening. So grab some snacks and drinks and invite your friends!

Go to a Local Event

Check out what’s going on in the Charlottesville area! Go to a brewery for some trivia, find a spot with live music, or check out a local museum. Invite your friends, family, or significant other, or go solo. There’s plenty to do in Charlottesville; you just have to do some digging!

Try a New Restaurant

Charlottesville has an incredible restaurant scene. First, make a list of restaurants you’d like to try, and then you can make your way down the list! Then, if you don’t feel like cooking one night, head to a local restaurant for some time out of the house and a delicious meal.

There are many activities to do after work rather than watching TV. It may take some time to get into a habit of doing something new after work, but it’s important to try!

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