5 Ways to Relax on National Relaxation Day

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bubble bath with book and tea

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We all need a little relaxation every now and then. Luckily, National Relaxation Day on August 15th is the perfect day to take some time for yourself! We put a large emphasis on being productive and working hard. Not to mention, between work, family, keeping up with a fitness routine, and your social life, it can be hard to take a moment and just be. However, in order to truly be productive in your day-to-day life, it’s important to avoid burnout. With that being said, check out these ways to relax to properly enjoy your day.

Spend Time Outside

One of the best ways to disconnect from stressors and recharge is by spending time in nature. Whether you head out for a walk, relax on your balcony, or lounge by the pool, you’ll feel at ease. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, spending time in nature can help relieve stress and anxiety and improve your mood. So go for a hike, ride a bike, or read a book outdoors. No matter what you choose, it’ll help you unwind!

Try Yoga

If you have trouble truly “doing nothing,” try doing some yoga! That way, you’ll get in some exercise while relaxing both your mind and body. Because yoga incorporates breathing exercises, body movement, and a focus on your thoughts, it’s a great way to relax and reflect. Some benefits of yoga include improved stress management, relaxation, and increased energy. Not to mention, it can also improve flexibility, strength, and balance! Take a class online or in-person to feel refreshed and renewed.

Get a Massage

Take relaxation day to the next level and book yourself a massage! It’s worth the splurge every once in a while. Not only is it beneficial in terms of relaxation, but massages can also reduce stress, lower heart rate and blood pressure, improve circulation, and minimize pain and tension! On National Relaxation Day, book yourself a massage at one of these spas in Charlottesville!

Hangout with Your Pet

Nothing will brighten your day like spending time with your furry friend. In fact, studies show that interacting with animals can decrease levels of cortisol, the stress-related hormone. Take your pet on a walk or simply lounge on the couch with them! If you don’t have a pet, perhaps you can visit with the dogs and cats at a local shelter, or find a friend with a pet. Interacting with animals is a great way to reduce stress and help yourself relax a bit. Take some time in your day for some cuddles with your pet!

Take a Bath

Escape into relaxation by taking a bath! Create your own oasis in the comfort of your home. Light some candles, grab some bubble bath, draw a bath, and relax. You can read a book, or set up your laptop nearby to binge some Netflix. Taking a bath is the perfect way to unwind and get some alone time. In addition to the relaxation it provides, baths can also reduce your risk of heart attack and lower blood pressure according to Healthline.

It’s important to take time for yourself to truly achieve success in your day-to-day life. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of work, family, and your social life. On National Relaxation Day, take some time to truly relax and unwind. There are many ways to relax, and now you can find the best way for you!

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