Celebrate American Beer Day at Local Breweries

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Beer lovers, October 27th is your time to shine — it’s American Beer Day! While it’s no secret that many enjoy a good Corona, Guinness, or Dos Equis, today is about celebrating beer brewed right here on American soil. What better place to celebrate this holiday than right here in Charlottesville? Whether you spend the day at one of these … Read More

Vegetarian Month: Best Vegetarian Recipes

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vegetarian taquitos

October is Vegetarian Month! Whether you’re a vegetarian or simply are interested in eating more plant-based foods, there are many surprising and tasty ways to make dishes vegetarian. Perhaps you have a vegetarian roommate or family member. If so, whip them up one of these tasty vegetarian recipes! Who knows, maybe you’ll have a new favorite! Vegetarian Three Cheese White … Read More